Partnera is an international business group, which owns companies that promote sustainable development in the circular economy and energy industry, among others.


Partnera creates shareholder value and a more sustainable future through our operations. The companies we own produce services and products that meet the needs of society and respond to megatrends that change the operating environment. Partnera acts as a partner for the companies we own and aim at developing their business and value in the long term. When building the business group in accordance with our strategy, Partnera is also an impact investor, who strives to use its capital to develop business that can promote a positive impact on society and the goals of sustainable development. 

Partnera Corporation is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland.

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Partnera Annual Report 2021

Partnera Sustainability Report 2021

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March 24, 2022
Partnera published its first sustainability report


Partnera Corporation has published its first sustainability report. The report covers the key actions supporting sustainable development of Partnera’s and its subsidiaries Foamit Group and KPA Unicon Group as well as the Corporation’s approach to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

“This is our first sustainability report, with which we seek to share the positive outcomes we create through our operations. In 2021, we saw strong growth for Partnera’s operations through two acquisitions. Due to these recent changes, we acknowledge that we are only at the start of our journey with regards to sustainability reporting. However, our solutions are an integral part of transition towards the sustainable use of resources and a carbon neutral society and at the same time they bring excellent growth opportunities to Partnera”, states Jari Pirkola, CEO, Partnera Corporation.

Growing the sustainable business portfolio

Partnera aims to advance sustainable development through its businesses internationally. The company promotes transition towards more sustainable use of natural resources and carbon neutral society by allocating investments and expertise to developing businesses within these themes. While doing that, the company also provides investors with an opportunity to invest in unlisted companies that can achieve measurable and positive impacts on the environment and society.

In 2021, Partnera strengthened its sustainable business portfolio by acquiring the majority share of the Finnish company KPA Unicon Group Oy, one of the leading clean energy solution suppliers in the Nordic countries. The solutions help reduce emissions and support the transition to new cleaner energy systems on an international scale.

During the year, also Foamit Group strengthened its position as the most significant glass recycling and foam glass manufacturing company in the Nordic countries by acquiring the Norwegian foam glass manufacturer Glasopor.

Through their business operations, both businesses achieved measurable results supporting sustainable development, including:

  • Foamit Group supported circular economy by recycling some 100,000 tonnes of glass into new products.
  • KPA Unicon Group helped to reduce the use of fossil fuels by turning the heating of close to 20 000 detached houses into users of renewable energy.
  • KPA Unicon Group’s new power plant helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions by some 200,000 tonnes a year in Zenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina, by turning the coke and blast furnace gases from the local steelwork into fuel.

Focus on people and the framework of sustainability

In 2021, Partnera Corporation’s sustainability focus was on people and continuing the integration of the acquired businesses. The corporation also set the foundations for its sustainability work by carrying out materiality assessment on sustainability and adopting the most relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

About the report

Partnera’s first sustainability report was compiled by using the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the primary framework. The GRI reporting guidelines were also used as basis but due to the acquisitions during 2021 the report is not yet compliant with the GRI standard.

The report is available below:

Partnera Sustainability Report 2021


February 3, 2022
Truls Børresen appointed as Country Manager, Norway and Managing Director of Glasopor AS, part of Foamit Group

The Norwegian subsidiary Glasopor of Foamit Group, which belongs to the business group Partnera Corporation, has appointed Truls Børresen, BBA and MBA, as Managing Director of Glasopor AS starting May 1st, 2022. Børresen will also become a member of Foamit Group’s management team as Country Manager, Norway. Foamit Group, a glass recycling and foam glass manufacturing company, forms Europe’s leading foam glass manufacturer together with its subsidiaries. The Group operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Børresen will report to the CEO of Foamit Group.

“This is an important and strategic appointment for the Group with Børresen bringing 20 years of international management experience, of which more than 10 years as CEO, into the company. Børresen’s appointment is the natural next step in our Growth Strategy after the acquisition of Glasopor AS in 2021. We will further benefit from Børresen’s sales and commercial expertise in our plans to participate in larger projects across the Nordics”, says Kalle Härkönen, CEO of Foamit Group.

Børresen has strong experience in sales management and brand development in the fields of construction and infrastructure. His previous roles include being Sales and Marketing Director for Leca Norge AS.

“I was fascinated by Glasopor’s and Foamit Group’s story and mission to support sustainable development through circular economy. Glass can be recycled almost forever, making it a very environmentally friendly material. Through manufacturing foam glass aggregate out of the smallest cullets from the purification process of recycled glass, we can help our customers reduce the carbon footprint in the construction business as well. I want to be part of Foamit Group’s success story and growth in the international circular economy business”, says Truls Børresen.

"I am very happy to welcome Truls Børresen on board to support Foamit Group’s management in strategy execution and making Glasopor AS an integral part of Foamit Group. Børresen’s strong experience on Foamit Group’s business area will help us support our customers to achieve their sustainability targets”, says Jari Pirkola, CEO of Partnera Corporation.

Glasopor’s current CEO Per Annar Lilleng continues as the CEO of the glass and metal container recycling facility Sirkel AS. Sirkel, which is the former owner of Glasopor, is an important raw material supplier for Glasopor. Lilleng will work in his position as Glasopor’s CEO until April 30th.

For more information, please contact:

Partnera Corporation
Jari Pirkola, CEO
telephone: +358 400 867 784

Foamit Group Oy
Kalle Härkönen, CEO
telephone: +358 40 838 5196


January 27, 2022
Foamit Group’s Norwegian subsidiary Glasopor AS supplies foam glass aggregate to new hospital site in Drammen, Norway


The Norwegian subsidiary Glasopor of Foamit Group, which is part of Partnera Corporation, has signed a contract of a large-scale foam glass aggregate delivery for the building of a new hospital in Drammen, Norway. The contract has an order volume of 53,000 m3 foam aggregate. The new hospital in Drammen will have a gross area of ​​122,000 m2.

This is a significant order for Glasopor that underlines the exceptional technical qualities of the product and its sustainability properties, as the hospital project itself aim to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% compared to common practice. The order will be delivered, and its value recorded mainly during 2022, says CEO Jari Pirkola, Partnera Corporation.
Foam glass aggregate is the lightest granular building material on the market and is made of 100 % recycled material. In addition to reduced impact on the environment, it's unique qualities lead to shorter transport and construction time, meaning lower costs.

Both its technical and sustainability properties supported the selection of foam glass aggregate for the hospital project. Foam glass aggregate will be used as a lightening material for the hospital foundations.

We are delighted to have been chosen as an important supplier to the new hospital. This is a proof that our strategic work to establish our recycled material as a preferred choice for sustainable construction is proceeding. As a Group we can participate in even larger projects and thus reduce our carbon footprint. The Drammen hospital project is significant even on the Foamit Group scale and gives us a positive start for 2022, says CEO Kalle Härkönen, Foamit Group.

Overview of new Drammen hospital area by Dark Design Group.

For more information, please contact:

Partnera Corporation
Jari Pirkola, CEO
telephone: +358 400 867 784

Foamit Group Oy
Kalle Härkönen, CEO
telephone: +358 40 838 51 96


August 31, 2021
Foamit Group, a glass recycling and foam glass manufacturing company and a member of Partnera Group, is acquiring Glasopor AS in Norway

Foamit Group Oy, which belongs to the business group Partnera Oyj (“Partnera”), has today, 31 August 2021, signed an agreement by which it will wholly acquire the Norwegian foam glass manufacturing company Glasopor AS (“Glasopor”). The seller is Sirkel Materialgjenvinning AS (“Sirkel”). The acquisition is in line with Foamit Group’s growth strategy, and it will strengthen the Group’s position as the main manufacturer of foam glass in the Nordic countries and one of the largest worldwide players in the industry. After the transaction, the Foamit Group will also operate in Norway in addition to Finland, Sweden and Denmark. The Foamit Group’s largest owners are Partnera (63%) and Finnish Industry Investment Ltd (32%).

”Partnera’s strategic objective is to develop the kind of business that can create a positive impact on society and promote sustainable development goals. Both the Foamit Group and the newly acquired Glasopor provide excellent support for our objectives. Partnera is a long-term and active owner that helps its group companies to develop their business. With the acquisition of Glasopor, we’re one step closer to our goal of growing Foamit’s business,” says Jari Pirkola, CEO of Partnera Oyj.

Founded in 2002, Glasopor has two foam glass factories in Norway: one in Skjåk and the other in Fredrikstad. The company's head office is in Oslo, and it has 34 employees. Its customers mainly operate in the construction industry. In 2020, the company’s net sales totalled NOK 123 million (that is, approximately EUR 11.5 million) with an operating profit of NOK 6.5 million (EUR 0.6 million), or approximately 5 per cent of net sales. The result for the financial year was NOK 4.4 million (EUR 0.4 million). In 2019, Glasopor’s net sales were NOK 95.4 million (EUR 9.7 million) with an operating profit of NOK 4.6 million (EUR 0.5 million), or approximately 5 per cent of net sales. The result for the 2019 financial year was NOK 2.6 million (EUR 0.3 million).

“The Foamit Group is seeking to expand and further develop its glass recycling and foam glass manufacturing business. The acquisition of Glasopor will open up new markets, increase our foam glass manufacturing capacity, and provide us with new expertise in utilising foam glass in a variety of applications. Raw material availability will also improve. Foam glass aggregate is a very lightweight and environmentally friendly building material that is made from cleaned recycled glass, and demand for it is being fuelled by growing demand for circular economy products. The acquisition of Glasopor supports our growth strategy and will enable us to participate in even larger projects,” says Kalle Härkönen, CEO of Foamit Group.

“I’m delighted that Glasopor will become part of one of the world’s largest foam glass manufacturers – a company that intends to continue expanding and developing its foam glass manufacturing business. Sirkel will now focus on the further development of its glass recycling business. Our long-term cooperation with Glasopor will naturally continue, and Sirkel will still be one of Glasopor’s major raw material suppliers,” says Per Annar Lilleng, CEO of Sirkel Materialgjenvinning AS.

Through the transaction, Glasopor Norway AS, a new company established by Foamit Group, will acquire 100 per cent of Glasopor AS’ shares as well as real estate and land. The debt-free purchase price for the acquisition, NOK 107.5 million (EUR 10.5 million), will be paid in cash. The acquisition is expected to be concluded by the end of September 2021.

The acquisition is expected to have a positive impact on Partnera's net sales for 2021. The acquisition is not expected to have a significant impact on the result.

Glasopor’s key figures

EUR million *) 1-12/2020 1-12/2019
Net sales 11.5 9.7
EBITDA 1.6 1.5
Adjusted EBITDA **) 1.2 1.1
Operating profit 0.6 0.5
Result for the financial year 0.4 0.3
   31 December 2020       31 December 2019   
Non-current assets 5.2 8.4
Current assets 5.2 2.4
Shareholders' equity 6.3 5.1
Loans from financial institutions 1.3 2.0
Other liabilities 2.7 3.7
Balance sheet total 10.4 10.8
*) Norwegian Krone converted into Euros in accordance with Finnish accounting practises.
**) EBITDA adjusted according to FA.

Glasopor AS foam glass factory site in Skjåk, Norway.

April 28, 2021
Partnera is expanding its business group with the acquisition of clean energy solution supplier KPA Unicon Group Oy


On 28 April 2021, the Partnera Oyj business group has signed an agreement to purchase a majority share of Finnish KPA Unicon Group Oy, the leading clean-energy solution supplier in the Nordic countries.

The acquisition supports Partnera's strategy of owning companies that promote sustainable development in, for example, the circular economy and energy sectors. Partnera will become KPA Unicon’s principal owner with a 70 per cent stake, while the company’s founders, the Kovanen family, will stay on as minority owners in KPA Unicon with a 30 per cent stake through their investment company Prounicon Oy.

KPA Unicon was founded in 1990 and has extensive experience of international plant deliveries. In addition to turnkey development and construction of energy production facilities, the company modernises, maintains and operates existing plants and provides energy production capacity as a service. KPA Unicon's customers include global industrial companies, along with local and international energy companies. The company’s headquarters and production facilities are located in Finland, and it also has personnel in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chile, Spain, Croatia, France, Sweden and Russia. At the end of 2020, the company had a total of 202 employees.

”Partnera’s strategic goal is to use its capital to develop business that can promote a positive impact on society and the goals of sustainable development. KPA Unicon is a fantastic complement to our business group, since its products and services are good for both environment and society. The company operates on the global market, and its energy production solutions decrease reliance on fossil fuels through the utilisation of biomass and byproduct streams. We intend to be a long-term, active owner for KPA Unicon and help the company develop its current business as well as new clean-energy solutions,” says Jari Pirkola, CEO of Partnera Oyj.

”I am very pleased that our new principal owner, Partnera, is a solid listed company that will support us in implementing our international growth strategy. Our growth is supported by the global energy system’s transition to decentralised, low-emission energy production and the universal need to promote a circular economy. With our new owner, we can focus even more on providing added value to our customers by developing solutions based on clean energy production and reducing the use of fossil fuels,” says Jukka-Pekka Kovanen, CEO of KPA Unicon Oy.

The purchase price for 70 per cent of KPA Unicon's share capital is EUR 15.5 million. The purchase price is paid in cash. The buyer is a new company Due2Energy Oy founded by Partnera of which Prounicon Oy will become a minority shareholder with a 30 per cent share. Following the transaction, the new company will own the entire share capital of KPA Unicon. 

Canelco Capital Oy, an investment company that owned 37 per cent of the company´s shares, is relinquishing of its ownership in connection with the transaction. The acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of June 2021.

KPA Unicon Group Oy key figures

EUR million   1-12/2020     1-12/2019     7-12/2019  
audited unaudited audited
Net sales 69.4 68.7 36.6
EBITDA 5.0 5.1 2.4
Adjusted EBITDA* 5.4 5.1 2.4
Operating profit 3.5 4.0 1.8
Net profit 1.1 5.0 1.8
31.12.2020 31.12.2019
audited audited
Non-current assets 14.6 12.1
Current assets 38.8 37.8
Equity 4.0 2.8
Loans from financial institutions 10.2 7.3
Other loans 29.1 39.8
Balance sheet total 53.4 49.8
*EBITDA before non-recurring expenses related to KPA Unicon's
ownership arrangements.

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