Partnera is an international business group, which owns companies that promote sustainable development in the circular economy and energy industry, among others.

Partnera creates shareholder value and a more sustainable future through our operations. The companies we own produce services and products that meet the needs of society and respond to megatrends that change the operating environment. Partnera acts as a partner for the companies we own and aim at developing their business and value in the long term. When building the business group in accordance with our strategy, Partnera is also an impact investor, who strives to use its capital to develop business that can promote a positive impact on society and the goals of sustainable development. 

Partnera Corporation is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland.

Partnera is expanding its business group with the acquisition of clean energy solution supplier KPA Unicon Group Oy

On 28 April 2021, the Partnera Oyj business group has signed an agreement to purchase a majority share of Finnish KPA Unicon Group Oy, the leading clean-energy solution supplier in the Nordic countries.

The acquisition supports Partnera's strategy of owning companies that promote sustainable development in, for example, the circular economy and energy sectors. Partnera will become KPA Unicon’s principal owner with a 70 per cent stake, while the company’s founders, the Kovanen family, will stay on as minority owners in KPA Unicon with a 30 per cent stake through their investment company Prounicon Oy.

KPA Unicon was founded in 1990 and has extensive experience of international plant deliveries. In addition to turnkey development and construction of energy production facilities, the company modernises, maintains and operates existing plants and provides energy production capacity as a service. KPA Unicon's customers include global industrial companies, along with local and international energy companies. The company’s headquarters and production facilities are located in Finland, and it also has personnel in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chile, Spain, Croatia, France, Sweden and Russia. At the end of 2020, the company had a total of 202 employees.

”Partnera’s strategic goal is to use its capital to develop business that can promote a positive impact on society and the goals of sustainable development. KPA Unicon is a fantastic complement to our business group, since its products and services are good for both environment and society. The company operates on the global market, and its energy production solutions decrease reliance on fossil fuels through the utilisation of biomass and byproduct streams. We intend to be a long-term, active owner for KPA Unicon and help the company develop its current business as well as new clean-energy solutions,” says Jari Pirkola, CEO of Partnera Oyj.

”I am very pleased that our new principal owner, Partnera, is a solid listed company that will support us in implementing our international growth strategy. Our growth is supported by the global energy system’s transition to decentralised, low-emission energy production and the universal need to promote a circular economy. With our new owner, we can focus even more on providing added value to our customers by developing solutions based on clean energy production and reducing the use of fossil fuels,” says Jukka-Pekka Kovanen, CEO of KPA Unicon Oy.

The purchase price for 70 per cent of KPA Unicon's share capital is EUR 15.5 million. The purchase price is paid in cash. The buyer is a new company Due2Energy Oy founded by Partnera of which Prounicon Oy will become a minority shareholder with a 30 per cent share. Following the transaction, the new company will own the entire share capital of KPA Unicon. 

Canelco Capital Oy, an investment company that owned 37 per cent of the company´s shares, is relinquishing of its ownership in connection with the transaction. The acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of June 2021.

KPA Unicon Group Oy key figures

EUR million   1-12/2020     1-12/2019     7-12/2019  
audited unaudited audited
Net sales 69.4 68.7 36.6
EBITDA 5.0 5.1 2.4
Adjusted EBITDA* 5.4 5.1 2.4
Operating profit 3.5 4.0 1.8
Net profit 1.1 5.0 1.8
31.12.2020 31.12.2019
audited audited
Non-current assets 14.6 12.1
Current assets 38.8 37.8
Equity 4.0 2.8
Loans from financial institutions 10.2 7.3
Other loans 29.1 39.8
Balance sheet total 53.4 49.8
*EBITDA before non-recurring expenses related to KPA Unicon's
ownership arrangements.

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